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Fresh Step Carpet Cleaning

There’s nothing quite like the feel of plush clean carpet under your bare feet. And we at Fresh Step Carpet Cleaning make certain your carpet stays clean and lasts longer. Nobody cleans carpet more thoroughly. Our Dual Step Pre-Conditioning and Fresh Water Rinse leaves your carpet residue free from harmful soil and detergents.

Carpet Cleaning your home or apartment


Our carpet cleaners are trained in complete carpet care, the chemistry of spot and stain removal, and keep up-to-date on manufacturer cleaning recommendations. We use no chemicals in our steam hot water extraction. And also provide "green" cleaning agents for stain/spot cleaning. Safe and fresh for entire family and pets.

Fresh Step will clean your carpets at the Office


Your business needs to look professional, so you need professionals to keep everything pristine. This is where Fresh Step Carpet Cleaning services come in to keep your offices clean and sterile. Read more to learn how we can keep your offices looking and smelling professional.

Clean carpet in your RV


Yes - we can and do clean RVs, trailer, boats, vans and autos. For your auto we will clean your seats and your floor carpet. We use a truck-mounted system and can come out to your boat, van, RV, trailer or auto. Read more to learn how we can help detail your vehicles.

Your clean tile and grout


We can really get in the grout with a hard brush and hot steam to clean that grout to look like new again.  Even if the tile is swept, vacuumed and mopped, the floor still looks dirty. This is because the dirty water ends up soaking into the grout lines. Read more to learn how our hot water extraction system works on tile and grout.

Cleaning Stairs

Stairs are a high traffic area and become very dirty. Let us steam clean your stairs while we are on your visit. For particularly dirty or stained carpet ask for cleaning solution to be used in addition to the steam cleaning.  If there are spots or ground-in dirt and soil the deep steam methods works great to get them out and cleans spots before they have an opportunity to become permanent.

Cleaning Upholstery

All upholstered furniture will become soiled through use. Most spills & soil on fabric protection treated upholstery will clean easily and quickly provided that the proper cleaning procedures are followed. The steam cleaning methods works the same on upholstery. In fact, since the system as a strong vacuum it will pull out more moisture than if you clean it yourself. It will dry quicker.

Carpet Protectors

When your carpet smells, your whole house does, too. But tough organic odors are no match for Fresh Step Carpet Pet Odor Eliminator™, an enzyme-powered deodorizer designed to attack odor-causing organic sources. The enzymes in our deodorizers eliminate odors from urine, feces, vomit, sour milk and more by actually digesting the organic matter.

Truck Mounted

The cleaning method recommended by nearly all carpet manufacturers and carpet fiber producers. All the other carpet cleaning methods are considered “light surface cleaning”because they are incapable of removing soil deep within the pile. This can be done from a truck-mounted system outside the home with only the hose and floor tool brought inside the home or office.

About Us

A little about who we are. We are a family-owned and operated business. We are Chris, Heather and baby T. We live in Contra Costa County and serve all of the Bay Area. Of course as a small business in Contra Costa County we are very familiar with our area and are delighted to come to your home or business here in CCC. We have lived and worked here for 8 years now. Before that we lived in the South Bay and are happy to serve you no matter where you are in the Bay Area.

If your home or business is out of our area please call us anyway and we may be able to make a referral for you as we know plenty of other carpet cleaners that we trust.

When you call us there is a good chance you will be getting Chris on the phone. When you email us it goes straight to Chris. We believe in customer service and getting to know you. We encourage you to  contact us for all of  your questions. 


“Thanks Fresh Step Team!

Great service and even better work. Pinky was very up front on what my carpets needed and didn’t need when I called to make the appointment. Recommended to me by a co-worker and will be doing business with Fresh Step from now on.

Thanks again!"

“I had a roomate with a pitbull that smelled horrible. when she moved out the smell stayed in the carpet. I really needed to do something about it. I got a referral from my friend. He told about Fresh Step. They actually came over within a day charged me, what I thought was a very fair price. The workers were super nice and they did an Excellent job.

I can't smell the dog any more. All I can say is thanks. I'm not embarrased to have guests over now."

“I used Fresh Step for my living room and two bedrooms for a very much needed cleaning. Pinky and his team arrived on time and did an excellent job all over the house. I had some really bad juice and coffee stains that Fresh Step was able to completely remove. The pricing was more than reasonable and the amount of time it took to complete the job was great.

Nothing but a pleasant and professional experience here.”